Recent News

**The webseries I filmed last year, On the Line, is in the final stages of editing. It will be released in mid-July 2019. For more info and cast bios, please visit our site**

June 2019 - Officially signed with Gregg Baker Management! They will be representing me in legit and theatre projects.

Past Projects

June 2019 - After being scared for so many years, I finally jumped on the improv train and finished level 101 at UCB. I look forward to taking 201 in the fall.

January 2019 - Filmed a featured role in the short film, Bleed Through, directed by Don Wells, which will be out this spring.

December 2018 - my annual Christmas band, The Sugar Plums, recorded out sixth online, FREE album. This year I covered, “Merry Christmas, Darling” by the Carpenters. Check out all the holiday goodness here.

June - November 2018 - filmed six episodes as the lead character, Alice, of the upcoming web series, On the Line. It will premiere in spring 2019.

July 2018 - took part in the female driven theatre festival with SheNYC in Emily Comisar's play, Dumpster Fire, directed by Ines Braun.  

May 2018 - performed with AMIOS Theatre Company at the Kraine Theatre to participate in Richard Thieriot's third musical installment of Deli Guys as a big, fat, flamenco singing bodega cat.

April 2018 - was in Randomly Specifics production of The Weekend Will End by Larry Phillips .

April 2018 - workshopped the short play Accessories, written by Kathryn Funkhouser, in conjunction with the Telling Trifles theatre festival, produced by Hunger & Thirst Theatre Company.

Fall 2017 - toured all over the Northeast, Midwest, and Canada originating the title character in Two Beans production of The Cat in the Hat!

August 2017 - participated in the short play festival, Live Wire: World of Tomorrow, for Stable Cable Theatre Company, to benefit their upcoming season, in an original work by Emily Daly.

June/July 2017 - was part of the B. Altman core background for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Season 1.  Keep an eye out for my face in episodes 5 and 6.

July 2017 - premiered the role of Jenny Street in Last Chance for Mama in the Planet Connections Festival.

June 2017 -  on The Chew again! You can check the segment out here starting at 2:15.

March 2017 - played the role of Lon in the world premier of Some Night, a new play presented by the Ophelia Theatre Group. Along with acting, I also play a little electric guitar.

December 2016 -  featured on the podcast, The Compass, hosted by Leah Walsh.  This honest and casual discussion about being an artist, the ups, downs and everything in between can be listened to for free here!

December 2016 - on ABC's The Chew giving you some fun holiday wrapping tips! Find the video on Youtube here. (Skip to 31:50 to see my segment end the show)

October 2016 -  performed in Exquisite Corpse Company's Fall reading series, Drinks & Drama, in the new play Provenance.

August 2016 - was a part of My Story, a project showcasing the work of brand new playwrights. Filmed in conjunction with Second Stage Theatre, actors performed monologues by upcoming playwrights. 

June 2016 - That Thing! reading series had another successful night of new ten-minute plays at Characters Bar & Grill. 

May 2016 -  had an amazing time performing in the all female night of theatre, Pu$$yfest at The Barrow Group Theatre. My monologue, written by Christina Quintana, was about baking cookies and it was hilarious.

March/April 2016 -  participated in two readings of world premiere works with Lather, Rinse, Repeat

January 2016 -wrapped the short film Stand Clear, which was screened in the Chain NYC Film Festival and Northeast Film Festival.

January 2016 -  Swedish Fish commercials have officially launched on Facebook! Click on the 'Videos' page to see the candy madness. 

Dec 2015 - wrapped the NYU grad film, 'In Virtue,'  

October 2015 - performed in the world premier of The Gorges Motel at The Barrow Group Theatre.

September 2015 -  performed in Good Morning, Angels written by Ellen Haun as part of AMIOS Theatre Company's Musical Shotz at the Kraine Theatre.  

August 2015 -  performed in the preshow of the infamous summer show This is Not J.A.W.S